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"I like the sessions, I like the feeling I can just be myself and Jane gives me lots of encouragement”

Last month, Maya shared with the Resilient Kids online group how to make these fun pancakes and here's the natural food colourings her mum recommends

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On the 28th of July, I'll be sharing a talk at The Peer Space called "How Bolstering The Resilience Of Our Kids Prepares Them For A Better Life"

"Very much looking forward to it, Jane Tyson. Such an important topic area. And what an amazing Real Word testimonial to truly underline that!"

Niall Jones

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Moody Teen In Dungarees

Do you have an item of clothing that makes you feel invincible.

For me, it's my dungees.

As a child I wore them too. They were a great match with my denim hat which I used to pin badges onto - it was a cool look, honest.

Sometimes we can imagine putting on a special outfit even if we actually don't.

We can be invisibly invisible.

This moody teen pic was taken in c. 1986, it's my sister, friend Jen....and me.

A big part of building resilience is positive connections, a support network.

My teenage daughter discovered this photo.

Despite the pouting, perms, blue mascara and twilight teaser, she said we looked quite cool.

Unlike now, she added.

Thanks Ellie

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