鉁达笍1 space remains for Wednesday's 6.00pm session for ages 8 to 10 and three for Saturdays

鉁达笍Last week I ran the session for 2 schools with one group of 45 and another of 150.

鉁达笍I'm giving 2 talks and 1 interactive wellbeing session to groups of teenagers via 3 organisations who have contacted me.

鉁达笍 I'm also getting teenagers referred to me for support, signposting and a resilience boost.

鉁达笍There are now 6 Resilient Kids' Ambassadors

鉁达笍Thursday is my monthly 鈥淩esilient Parents鈥 gathering and there are 4 spaces for parents keen to check in with others and have a resilience boost too!

馃寛Plus some other magical stuff which I'll share as it occurs and we catch up.

Thank you for reading. More about all this below.


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